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Cacti and Succulents like lots of sun! We recommend bright morning light. Watch out for our intense Louisiana summer afternoon sun, as it can be too hot and “burn” the leaves.
Too little light: Your plant will begin to stretch out and reach for the sun causing it become leggy. To remedy, move them to bright light, but be sure to transition them slowly to avoid scorching.

Cacti and Succulents like to DRY OUT, but love a good drink of water. As a general rule, if the soil is dry to the touch, it is ok to water them. If it is at all moist, do not water.
Each time you water, thoroughly soak the soil so the water runs out the bottom. During the growing season, you can use a diluted fertilizer every second to third watering.

 >> SOIL
These plants do not like to stay wet so make sure to choose well draining soil. We recommend using a layer of gravel at the base of each pot. Adding small gravel and sand to an everyday potting soil will help with drainage.


>> AIR
Air plants love humid, well circulated air. They thrive in temps from 50-90 degrees. If keeping your air plant indoors, a kitchen or bathroom setting will provide a nice humid environment, and if kept outside they will love our humid climate! Be sure they don’t get too hot and bring them indoors during temps below 50 degrees.

Bright, filtered light is best for air plants.  Indoors, a window that doesn’t get harsh sunlight is ideal. Outdoors, a covered patio or shaded area is best.

Air plants need to be watered about once a week. Just soak them in rainwater or bottled water for about 30 minutes.  If needed mist them 2-3 times a week.  Air plants LOVE rainwater! On patios, try to place where they will get some rainwater splash without getting soaked.  As much as they love water, they do need drying out time in order to “breathe”.  You can fertilize your air plants twice a month with bromeliad fertilizer.  If you keep your air plants happy, they will reward you with beautiful blooms!

Download a care card, print it out, or email to a friend!