Herb Garden Growing
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Herb Garden Growing

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In this project, you will learn to create and cultivate your own herb garden from seed! Seeds are a good alternative to purchasing starter plants. First, they are cheaper, and you have the potential for a larger yield using an entire packet of seeds for one starter plant. Seeds also give a wider variety of choices than starter plants sold at a garden center. Seeds are portable, allowing you to share with plant friends.  Seedlings give a head start on the growing season due to a shorter maturity rate, resulting in an earlier or longer harvest. There’s the added bonus of the joy that comes from seeing the seeds sprout!
So, lets get started ---> Download Instructions Here! 
Watch a tutorial ---> Here


  • 6 Seed envelopes
  • Seed starting tray
  • Nursery pots
  • Soil
  • Seeding tools
  • Seed markers


  • Dirt scoop (optional)
  • Water
  • Mister (optional)
  • Sunny, warm window or shaded outdoors