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Blooming Delivery w/ Phresh Press

Blooming Delivery w/ Phresh Press

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We are teaming up with Phresh Press, an eco-friendly business that re-purposes old newspapers into occasion cards. But even better… they are stocked with wildflower seeds so the card is PLANTABLE!!

During this workshop, we’ll be learning the ins and outs of why this card is so Eco-Special, from the inks used to paint, the paper it’s made with, and the seeds. Then the pre-made paper (because….drying time..) will be all ready for a guided instruction on how to insert your seeds and painting your own greeting . They come equipped with a stamped envelope and planting instructions for your recipient. At the end, you’ll get a terra-cotta pot, planting materials, and plantable paper to grow your own wildflowers! Who said hand-written notes were a think of the past?! ~ Ticket price $30