Starfish Sansevieria
Starfish Sansevieria
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Starfish Sansevieria

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The Boncel Sansevieria is a cultivar of the Cylindrical variety but has denser, more compact foliage. It has pointed fan-shaped leaves giving it the common name “Starfish Plant” This rare plant has light green foliage with dark green rings around each of its leaves. New growth sprouts from the center with the oldest leaves at the edge. “Pups” will grow from the base of the plant, which can easily be separated from the mother plant when its approximately 1.5” to 2” tall. They are drought tolerant and can take lower light conditions making it a super easy houseplant.
>>Fun Fact: It is a common houseplant in China, as many believe it embodies the eight virtues of the eight gods.

LightLow light tolerant but prefers very bright filtered light or brief amounts of direct sun
WaterSaturate once the soil has dried out completely: Approx every 2 weeks
If given full sun it will send out a long bloom spike with tubular pink buds opening into white flowers
Well draining potting mix. Additives could include perlite, pumice or sand.

PropagationTake a stem cutting from the oldest leaf, closest to the base of the plant. Let it callous for a few days and insert base into soil. Roots will form and eventually send out a small pup.

Download a care card here!

*Plant may ship bare root