All About Lighting

Good lighting for your plants is one of the most important elements of its survival. Having improper lighting is often the ailment of a plant not doing well. Read below to learn what each kind of lighting is classified as and see examples of plants that do well in each kind. 

This diagram is super helpful to distinguish the different kinds of indoor light. Keep this on hand so when say low light (not no light!) you know what kind of lighting we are talking about. 

Direct Light: The rays of the sun are hitting the plant directly. Outdoors. there wouldn't be any kind of covering blocking the sunlight and plant. Indoors this is likely right by a window with the sun rays hitting the plant with only the window interfering with the light. 

Bright Indirect: Brightest light without being direct. The light is bright enough to cast a light shadow You would easily be able to read text in a book. 

Medium Light: Light is coming through a sheer curtain or light is coming from across the room from a window. You would be able to read text in a book. 

Low Light: Low light does not mean no light! There still must be a window in the room. It would be more difficult to read text in a book. 

Filtered: Dappled direct sun for short amounts of time. Think about how light would come through the canopy of a tree. 



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