Fiddle Leaf Fig 101

Fiddle leaf figs (Ficus lyrata) rank as one of the most popular large houseplants out there, and we can understand why. Their big, waxy green leaves bring life to any room. But they are known to be very picky plants. Here are our tips to keep your tree happy. 

Fiddle leafs want bright, indirect light. And they want it to be consistent. After a few months, your tree will begin to tilt towards the light, which is a good time to rotate it. But be careful in doing so, as they can be really dramatic about their change in lighting. So do not fret if it sheds a few leaves. After a few weeks of adjusting, it should return to normal again. 

Your fiddle leaf will likely let you know when it's ready for a drink. A good rule of thumb is to water when the first few inches of the soil feel dry. When you water the tree, make sure to fully saturate the soil, so that water comes out the bottom of your pot. But since Fiddle-leafs are divas, don't be surprised if they react to the sudden change of dry to saturated soil. Allow it to adjust. If the plant is looking limp or floppy, it likely wants water. Light brown crispy leaves can indicate it's dehydrated also. On the contrary, if there are dark brown spots or areas ringed in yellow, you could be overwatering the plant. 

Here's a thirsty leaf:

Dropping leaves? 
As previously mentioned, fiddle leaf trees are divas. Oftentimes, when they drop a couple of leaves, it is in response to some kind of change in their environment. It could be as minor as adjusting to soil moisture or tilting which side of the plant is facing the window. Always pay attention to when they drop leaves, and if it occurs for longer than a couple of weeks, there might be a larger issue at play. If it is consistently dropping lower leaves, it might be an indication the tree isn't receiving enough light, like this leaf in the picture below. It is likely not receiving enough nutrients and sunlight because it is covered by the upper leaves.

Other tips

  • Don't put your fiddle leaf in the direct line of an AC/heater vent. Since these trees come from the rainforest, they like humid climates. But they can still thrive inside! Just not right under a vent. If the leaves move because of the air, you probably need to find another spot. 
  • Dust the leaves regularly. Over time, dust can prevent the tree from properly absorbing nutrients from the sun through its leaves.
  • Repot your fiddle leaf when necessary to pot only slightly larger than the last. You know it's time when roots are peeking out the bottom of your pot. Make sure to only do so in the growing season (warmer months).

 We hope these tips help in growing a healthy and lush fiddle leaf, and if you have any questions, just give our store a call! 

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