Patio Styling 101

It's Patio Sitting Season! Let's turn your outdoors into a Jungle Oasis. Here are some pics and tips for creating Lush, Tropical, Vibes

Height : Tall plants along the edge or in the corners of a patio can really make the space feel more intimate a create some privacy if you have close neighbors. 
Try a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Audrey Ficus. Pro tip- they love our humidity outside!

Colorful Plants : Adding plants that flower continually throughout the summer gives you pops of color to add some interest among lush green foliage.
Check out the unique blooms of Cajun Hibiscus or dark leafs of Redemption Colocasia

Texture : Mix and match plants with different leaf shape, height, and color for interesting backgrounds. 
Mix Monstera, ferns, Alocasia, Colocasia, and Split Leaf Philodendrons.
Accent Wall : Don't have time for a ton of plant maintenance? Hang some weather resistant rattan pieces on the wall keep the natural feel. 
We have some great bamboo trays and rattan wall shelfs.
Focal Point : Is your space really long or deep? Try creating a dramatic focal point around your sitting area to draw your guest towards. 
Tall plants like Cat Palms and Birds of Paradise work great. 
Make an Entry: Group potted plants and lanterns along the side of steps or entrance of the patio as a lush welcome for you guests. 
We use full sun plants like Firesticks, Paddle plants, donkey ear, or crown of thorns
Feathery and Full : Do you have a small balcony or concrete heavy outdoor area? Plants or grasses with ruffled leafs can soften hard edges and bring in movement with slight breezes. 
Try Scheffleras, Split Leaf Philodendrons, and Spider Plants
Go Vertical : Hanging plants bring your eye up and fill in empty space above seating areas. They can also add a bit of privacy
Easy ones are that love outdoors are Rhipsalis, Spider plants, and Hoyas
*Patio inspo pics pulled from Pinterest. See our account Here for image credit

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