Pet Safe Plants

Some houseplants can be harmful to your furry friends. Here's a list of plants that won't harm your curious pet. 

1. Calatheas

Calatheas come in a variety of colors, which makes them a good alternative to Philodendrons, which are toxic to pets.  

2. Hoyas

Hoyas are great for hanging baskets because of the way they trail, making it a pet safe alternative for English Ivy or Pothos.

3. Parlor Palms

A tropical alternative to Monsteras, which are harmful to pets.

4. Ponytail Palms

An alternative to the very toxic Sago Palm.

5. Peperomias


6. Echeverias

We have a wide variety of Echeverias available in our store. 

7. Staghorn Fern

8. Spider Plant

9. Christmas Cactus


A festive alternative to the toxic Poinsettia.

10. Tiger Fern

These ferns are a pet-safe alternative to Foxtail Ferns.

11. Air Plants

Come check out our airplant bar!

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