Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

The summer heat can be brutal on your foliaged friends, especially here in Louisiana. Keep reading for tips to manage your plants during the hotter months.

1. Water deeply and more often 
The summer heat causes water to evaporate from the soil much faster, so water your plants more often than you did before. You can check that your plants are ready for a drink by sticking your finger approximately 2 inches into the soil. If it's dry, it's probably time for a watering. Give your plant a good drink and then give it more water 10-15 minutes later to ensure it is retaining water instead of just draining right through. 

2. Learn the signs of stress for your plants
As the heat gets more intense during the summer, watch how your plants react. Signs of stress to look for that may indicate the plant is getting too much light include wilting and abnormally pale foliage. Plants get sunburnt too! This could appear as rough, brown spots or yellowing of leave and stems. If you notice your plant is stressed, move it to an area that receives mainly indirect light. Avoid pruning leaves that turned colors, because if it is just due to stress, they will likely return to their normal coloration once you move the plant out of the sun. 

3. Ensure your plants are shaded enough
Check on the plants that you normally leave in direct sun. Just because it normally loves direct light, that can change during the summer as the heat gets more intense. Move plants out of the direct sun and under a covering or invest in a shade cloth. If your plant requires direct sun, morning sun is better than afternoon sun. 

4. Be cautious of fertilizing during extreme heat conditions
Plants do most of their growing in the summer months, so it is important to feed them during this time, but be cautious of doing so during a heat wave or extreme conditions. If your plant becomes stressed, it can't handle or make use of extra nutrients. The same precautions can be taken for repotting. 

And for your indoor plants...
Although they won't be as affected by the summer sun, be sure to check that plants you keep by windows are not getting burnt, and avoid keeping them right under AC vents. This can cause them to dry out. For your airplants, be sure to generously mist them twice a week to ensure they stay moist. 

Summer can be stressful as a plant parent, but with these tips, we will persevere!

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