Step by Step: Drilling Drainage Holes

If you've ever purchased a planter from us in our store then you know, we always recommend a drain hole for plants. It allows for full water saturation, which ensures every inch of your plant is getting hydrated without fear of root rot. While we can drill a hole for you in-store, keep reading for a step-by-step guide to do it yourself at home.  

1. Gather supplies

Everything you will need to drill a drainage hole is your pot, a drill, a drill bit, water, and a cloth.  

We use diamond bits to drill all of our pots. Other bits may suffice, but diamond bits work well for most planters. A 1/2" inch bit is a good catch-all size if you are looking to invest in just one bit. 

2. Wet your surface

Wetting the bottom of the pot is not entirely necessary, but it is good for maintaining the longevity of your drill bit and helps prevent any cracking of the pot. 

3. Begin drilling at an angle 

Begin drilling with light pressure at an angle in one spot until you get through the initial layer of the pot and make a divot. If you apply too much pressure, your drill get slip off, so go slow. 

4. Slowly begin rotating your drill 360 degrees 

Once your drill has a grip, you can slowly begin rotate your drill to make a circle until you have created a divoted ring. 

Now that your hole is established, you can use more pressure and use a faster drill speed. 

5. Let up on the pressure towards the end

When you feel yourself getting close to being through, ease up on the pressure and begin drilling more upright rather than a strong angular motion. Typically, you know you are close when you see the water start to drain through. 

6. Wipe the pot and clean your bit

Cleaning your drill bit at the end is an essential step to maintaining the health of your bit. Sometimes pieces of hard clay can get stuck inside the bit causing it to become clogged. Use a screwdriver or any other tool to try and push the excess clay through the gap towards the base of your bit to free it. 

Now you have a well-draining pot and your plants will love you for it!

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