String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)
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String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

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There is a lot to love with the String of Heart vine! Their plump, heart shaped leaves are a deep green and speckled with silver. They grow in pairs along a thin vine that can reach up to 13 feet long. Beautiful hanging from the top of a window, the vine creates a beaded curtain effect. They also love to climb and wrap well around any trellis. The blooms are white-lavender in color and have a tubular shape with with deep purple petals along the top. (We think it resembles the head of a flamingo!)
Fun fact: Also known as the Rosary Vine or the Sweetheart Vine, because of the heart shaped leaf!

Light: Very bright filtered light to direct morning sun
Water: Saturate once the soil has dried out completely: Approx once a week
Soil: Well draining potting mix. Additives could include perlite
Bloom: Small flowers form along the vine in late summer and fall.
Propagate: Take a stem cutting and coil the vine on top of soil making sure the nodes (in between the two leaves) are touching the soil. Mist every 3-4 days.

Download a care card here!