Curly Locks Cactus (Epiphyllum monstrosa)

Curly Locks Cactus (Epiphyllum monstrosa)

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Also known as Curly Locks or Curly Sue, this orchid cacti has bright green foliage that twists and spirals while trailing down, making it quite a unique hanging basket plant. It is night blooming epiphytic that produces small white flowers that begin to open at dusk. By sunrise, the flower will fade but is often followed by small red, edible fruit. These plants originate in the jungle so they don’t mind humidity, but prefer their soil to dry out in between watering.
Fun fact: Their pollinators are moths or bats, which is why the flowers open at night and are bright white so they will be noticed. On the contrary, they can also self-pollinate and fruits can form even without the intervention of insects or mammals.

Light: Very bright filtered light to direct morning sun
Water: Regular watering once the soil has dried: Approx once a week to 10 days
Soil: Well draining potting mix. Additives could include perlite or pumice
Bloom: Mature plants will bloom in spring and summer, but only when it is root bound
Propagate: Take a stem cutting and let the cut callous over till dry. Place in soil in bright, indirect light and water lightly. Keep soil slightly damp but not soggy. Roots will occur in approx 2 weeks.

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*Plant ships bare root