Glass Terrarium - Jetson
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Glass Terrarium - Jetson

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Create your own miniature world with the glass terrarium. Ideal for air plants and terrarium plants alike. No longer limited to a window ledge - the loop at the top allows you to hang this living art any place in your home or office. Design a look of your own using drift wood, river pebbles, rocks, gems, moss, shells, pieces of nature, a magical fairy garden, even holiday decor! Great as a project for a DIY craft, gift, party idea, or interior design. Green up any space with this container garden.

This terrarium consists of delicate glass and is shaped like a turnip and/or UFO - for those who are unacquainted with the shape of the Jetson's flying car. A hole is on the front center to allow for easy decorating. Use jute rope tied through the loop on top and hang where desired.

Glass terrarium 5"w x 6"h x 5"d