Hoya Rosita
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Hoya Rosita

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Hoya Rosita is a rare hybrid variety that is a cross between Hoya wayetii and Hoya tsangii. It has long pointed green leaves with a dark edge. When the plant is slightly sun stressed, it can develop red to maroon hue. Available in 4" pot

Light: Very bright filtered light or brief amounts of direct morning sun
Water: Saturate once the soil has dried out completely: Approx every 2 weeks
Soil: Well draining, light weight potting mix. Additives could include perlite
Mature plants will bloom in summer from small shoots off the stem called a peduncle
Propagate: Take a stem cutting along the main vine right below a node. Place in water making sure the node stays wet. Once roots form, transition to soil and keep slightly moist for a few weeks.