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Plumeria Thai Hybrid

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Plumerias are a flowering tropical plant native to the Americas and Mexico. They can grow quite large, up to 20ft and will branch out creating a tree like plant or if pruned, more shrub like. They have thick, grey brown stalks with elongated leathery green leaves that form in clusters near the tip of the branch. They begin flowering in Spring and continue to bloom through the summer. Blooms are quite fragrant and commonly used to make leis in the Pacific Islands
>>FUN FACT: In Hawaiian culture, Plumeria flowers worn in hair show relationship status. Behind a woman’s left ear, means she is in a relationship, behind the right ear, she is looking for a partner.
Full direct sun outdoors. Filtered  afternoon sun during hot summer months.
Water: Saturate once the soil has dried out about half way. Approx once a week
Bloom: Clusters of 2”-4” flowers with 5 overlapping petals. Thai Hybrid color is white and pink with yellow/orange center.
Propagate: Take a stem cutting at least 5” long from tip of branch. Let cut callous over. Insert stem into soil abut 1” deep. Keep in bright light and water lightly about once a week until new growth is seen.