Silver Sword - Philodendron Hastatum
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Silver Sword - Philodendron Hastatum

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The Silver Sword Philodendron is an easy and fast growing houseplant in the aroid family. Native to Brazil, these plants love warm temps and humidity, but adapt well to indoor climates. Their foliage is a light minty green color which gives you a good contrast in your collection of deep green hues. The leaf is narrow and long and comes to a point giving it the nickname “sword”. Mature leaves develop pronounced lobes at the top adding to its quirky shape. Their thick stem produces large nodes that will root or attach easily when given a moss pole to climb on.
Fun fact: Silver Swords are very photogenic houseplants! Their leaves have a reflective sheen making it look metallic, adding to it’s common name “silver”

Light: Very bright filtered light indoors or shadier bright light outside
Water: Regular watering once the soil has dried about halfway: Approx once a week
Soil: Well draining, light weight potting mix. Additives could include perlite
Bloom: Very mature plants may flower when growing in its natural habitat.
Propagate: Take a stem cutting along the main vine right below a node. Place in water making sure the node stays wet. Once roots form, transition to soil and keep slightly moist for a few weeks.

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*Plant ships bare root