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Airplants, also known as Tillandsias, are unique and low-maintenance plants that thrive without soil, making them versatile and super easy! They absorb nutrients and moisture through their leaves, allowing them to flourish in a variety of environments indoors and out. Here are some tips to keep your airplants looking great!


1. Proper Watering - Water your ariplants about once a week. Soak it by completely submerging it in water and let soak for 10-15 minutes. You can also mist the plant, being sure the whole thing gets wet. Airplants have small hairs that cover them that absorb the water and nutrients into the plant.

2. The Right Light - Airplants thrive in bright, indirect light. They can burn if located in direct sun so keep in shade outdoors or near a window with sheer curtains

3. Humidity - Airplants love humidity and absorb water from the air. Place them in bathrooms where you shower, or near the kitchen sink. They love being outside, just make sure they aren't getting too much sun.

4. Avoid Soil - Airplants do not need soil to grow. In fact, planting them in soil can cause rot. The "roots" that you may see at the base of an airplant are used to attach themselves to trees when they are living in their natural habitat. You can attach them to their display (ie: driftwood) with glue or wire) We love placing them in glass terrariums and using pebbles, moss, or crystals to decorate with.

5. Nutrient Boost - Fertilize your airplants monthly by adding a nutrient rich fertilizer to your water. We love Superthrive, or any bromeliad specific variety. You can also use half strength houseplant fertilizer like miracle grow. 

6. Air Circulation - Ensure good air flow around your airplants to prevent moisture buildup which can cause rot. After watering, shake the excess water off your plant dry it upside down so the water does not collect in any pockets or folds between the leaves.


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